Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings normally start late around 7 in the morning with the tea tray and 3 Sunday papers . The teapot is a little larger than my weekday one to help me browse through the Sunday papers and the supplements . The quest for breakfast begins a little later - sometimes it enatils a drive to Annapurna on Lansdowne Road where we pick up a packet of phuchkas , dhoklas and khandvi and phephraas hot off the stove .
At times we hare off to Prema Vilas for idlis , dosas and vadas or to Maharanis or Sree Hari for kachuris and alu sabzi or chholar dal . The Sree Hari chholar daal has a unique taste which I have never been able to replicate although I suspect some gur or molasses goes into it - not sugar .
Most times we eat luchi with alu chhenchki and look for ways and means to innovate with the tuber .
Last week BRG came up with this recipe for the potato curry with the luchis . It was a little unusual but with a distinctive flavour .


  • 500 gms potatoes - diced small
  • Fenugreek seeds - half teaspoon
  • Turmeric powder
  • Green chillies - slit lengthwise
  • Oil - preferable mustard
Heat the oil to smoking point and add the fenugreek seeds . Toss in the potatoes , a little turmeric powder, salt and cover till the potatoes are soft . Just before removing from the wok, add the green chillies .

Not bad . BRG being a bangaal and proud to be it has a way with the simple joys of life .


Mandira said...

hi, go ahead and post your entry for JFI:Banana. I will include it in the roundup!

The knife said...

Lovely luchis...I really admire people who can make luchis or breads... I see it as the last bastion

simple girl..... said...

beautiful.. out of home in a new city missing these like hell..